Hey there, delighted you could make it. What’s this blog about? I’m glad you asked. Well you see, there’s this english project we have to do called the Independent Study Project (ISP). Basically, we get to choose any subject we’re passionate about or would like to learn about and well, learn about it. So I chose makeup, not just any makeup, but the infamous 100 Days of Makeup Challenge. I picked a hundred prompts/topics I found inspiring and/or difficult for each of the hundred days. So follow along to watch as I make mistakes, progress, and have fun.

Who is this? Who’s this talking voice?

Howdy, the name’s Vivian. Ummm, what am I supposed to say? I’m a senior in high school, my favorite color is purple, and I have danced for thirteen years. Anyway, I’ve been really into makeup for a couple years now and really enjoy special effects makeup and body painting. I do art inside and outside of school which I think really helps with my makeup skillz (yeah, I’m really cool). What else? I dabble in photography and plan on going to college to study graphic design. I think that’s about it, chao. hahahaha.

It’s a me, a Vivian.


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